Dome Show



The Dome Show is a gallery featuring three-dimensional (3D) video. The experience of watching inside the dome can give you a memorable new experience.

Indoor Dome Show at PSKT :
-Use 8 meter diameter dome
-Can be loaded up to 30 people (adults) at one time.

Portable Dome Show for Outreach Program :
-Use 6 meter diameter
-Can be loaded up to 20 people (adults) at one time.

Films Show :
The show duration is about 10 to 15 minutes for each film. The films for now showing are:
1)    Dawn of The Space Age – this film is about an exploration and a journey to the space. Suitable for teenagers and adults.
2)    Children of The Water – an animation film shows the ocean life that is reliable to the earth life. Suitable for children below 12 years old.